Visits & Groups

Individual visits


Los Horcones is a unique, special and different social project. It represents a life experience open to visitors wishing to learn more about our community or seeking a place to enjoy nature and find a tranquil country life, in Sonora, Mexico.

Prospect visitors are welcome to schedule their stay in the period from the third week of October to late March. This is to avoid our summer's high temperatures. Your visit can be  a day or up to a week long if you wish.

If you want a place to reflect, study and be quiet  you will enjoy your stay at Los Horcones community.

Contribution: you will be charged depending upon the length of your visit, the projects we are carrying out, the kind activities in which you participate, and the type of room or cabin you prefer to occupy.
It includes: Accommodation, food, services, use of common areas, participation in our work activities and in recreational and cultural events.