Since 1971, year in which the Center for Children with Behavioral Deficits was founded, members of Los Horcones have designed programs to teach likes and skills to children and youth with behavioral problems, mainly children with autistic behavior. The support we receive from Dr.Sidney W. Bijou and Dr. Ivar Lovaas, was essential. Gallery

Our over 30 years of experience educating and training have confirmed that all children have the ability to learn new skills, likes, independent behaviors and tolerance to changes in routine that would allow them to have a more independent, richer and satisfactory life.

It is important that parents know that having a diagnosis of autism and/or medical treatment alone, is not enough to teach their children how to dress themselves, read, or communicate affection. Thus, we offer our experience and proven success in programs that address the special needs of each autistic child or young.

Program 1 - Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy where we apply behavior analysis