Economy: All members cooperate in the production of goods and services. In our social economy of production, most resources are channeled to the community fund and another part is for personal use. All members decide how to use the money from the community fund. Los Horcones doesn’t seek private property or the exploitation of man by man. We are a unique community interested in knowing how the members can live finding, sharing and reinventing solutions to problems that arise when sharing property. Of course there are rules that must be met for all of us to enjoy things, but in our alternative social model freedom is always the protagonist.

Our goal was and is organizing a community where all members live happily, there is no inequality, the problems are resolved peacefully, the common good is also a personal benefit and where all members can realize their potential and help others to do so. We believe that these problems can be solved; we believe that psychology and science in general can provide a solution.

Los Horcones, of course, is not a perfect or complete community, but improved, and with many challenges and problems to manage in the future. Members of Los Horcones are united by a common identity, of a worldview and a statement of principles.

If you want to know more about the community or contribute to the construction and development of this unique project of life, get in contact with us! ...