Los Horcones Community

Los Horcones is a community of people involved in the prevention and solution of social issues of the contemporary world. We based our life style in the principles of cooperation, equality, pacifism (non-violence), solidarity, and environmental sustainability. Gallery

In 1971, some of the founders of Los Horcones, started a unique social adventure, characterized by dreams that later became a successful reality, such as the Special Education Center. When we checked that the behavioral psychology methods could be successfully applied to special education, and that the children could learn new behaviors, skills and likes, we wondered why not used this potential of psychology as a science to generate solutions for the problems that we as human beings share.

And that’s how in 1973 Los Horcones community was formed, in a journey where freedom of thought, creativity, respect and tolerance are a life style.

The beginning and the foundation of this alternative social model required absolute open-mindedness and a constant questioning about the ways and means to organize, live and share in community.