Los Horcones community specially thanks all those persons who have contributed in one way or another to this alternative lifestyle project. Gallery

We sincerely thank our founding fathers: Juan Robinson, Mireya Bustamante de Robinson, Ramon Armendariz, Linda Lopez Moctezuma de Armendariz, Fernando Armendariz, for all their time, effort and dedication devoted to achieve this beautiful paradise. For believing in the dream and taking it as statement.

Lifelong thanks to Juan Robinson, for his commitment until his final days to the idea of ​​forming a community where all members, including himself, replace our selfish and individualistic goals to open the heart, mind and spirit to something greater and natural of the human which is life in union and in community.

It has been a journey that began 39 years ago. There are still many questions to answer and deal with, problems and challenges, rules and codes to establish and paradigms to break, but Juan's love, affection and commitment will continue to be transmitted to the members of the community in a virtuous circle of hope, energy and timeless emotions.

Thank you very much Juan Alfredo Robinson Lopez, for your example of life and for giving wings to a dream that knows no time.